A bus pulled up in front of the hotel.

How bad is the pain?

We will begin by considering the concept of "quota".

She has wet hair.

The ice of southern Argentina is suffering from the effects of climate change.

They are disappointed in their son.

Where is the Internal Medicine Department?

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They don't eat as much rice in Japan as they used to.

A small boy needs some person he can look up to.

Since you look tired, you had better go to bed early.


I hope I can keep up with you.


Indonesia is unique in its stance towards religion.

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I'm no longer hungry.

All of these have expired.

He's the pigeon.

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I have a report I need to work on.

The courtier was enjoying great royal favor.

It's unnecessary.

I'm sure there's another way into the castle.

Laura has just returned from Boston.

Which one of your guitars do you enjoy playing the most?

Don't expose photos to the sun.

I want to hold you.

I've spent my whole life looking for someone like you.

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It was bad of you to get angry at your wife.

In order to fix this mistake we'll have to tear out this seam.

What do you think he did?

Prakash expects Jarmo to come back before lunch.

You've put on a little weight, haven't you?


"It's a cannon shot, is it not?" I nodded.


Bob lost interest in rock music.

I listened to the boring lecture for what seemed an interminable fifty minutes.

Why do people kill themselves?

He couldn't stop laughing.

We've got to find it before he does.


We don't have enough beer.

I can't help you. Do your assignment yourself.

I've known Marian since he was a kid.

I'm touched.

Prices have soared.


I used to be the same age as you.


UFO stands for unidentified flying object.

You can't erase the past.

We were lucky no one got hurt today.

My clothes were dirty with oil.

I agree in principle.


I think he should have apologized to the teacher.

Alexander is just an average guy.

Doyle prefers to park behind the house.

I got quite a scare when they said you were in the hospital.

Markus and Chet held hands.

Carol thinks the same way.

You are really crafty.

What is it you think I did?

What exactly will Margie be doing?


I'm not a millionaire.

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Sanjay held up three fingers.

After the death of her parents, her grandparents took to her education.

Jordan is yanking your chain.

The bartender asked Kemal to pay his tab.

Systemic diseases are those that affect the entire organism.

Food really does taste better when eaten with close friends.

We haven't decided yet.

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When there are no men around, the night is somewhat spooky.

Her remark got on my nerves.

I was surprised by Donn's strength.


Shane confessed.

Don't drink the water.

No matter how hard I try, I can't swim to that rock.

I usually try to do what everybody else does.

Rayan's eyes weren't yet accustomed to the dark, so he couldn't see a thing.


Heinrich is much fatter than Edwin.

Do you ever think about that?

I wonder if there would be so many Japanese translations on this site if it were called "Por Ejemplo."

Nature made sure that living happily doesn't require much effort: everyone can make himself happy.

Listen, we need your help.

Today they'll be showing a good film.

I thought that was a good thing.

He can speak German, not to mention English and French.

My house is only five minutes' walk from the station.

Ted tried to hide his excitement.

Robbin's parents have separated.

Bill took off his hat and bowed down to them.

Blake and I could always tell each other everything.

Are you really going to do that by yourself?

All the more so to think well of him.

Did you wait for them?

Neil went to Norman's funeral.


Sorry, but could you answer the phone for me?

She is not old enough to travel abroad by herself.

Now, take a deep breath.


Next year is an election year.


A strange man caught me by the collar.

Marcel often skips class.

Don't press your luck.


There are a lot of tall buildings in New York.

She sent us a telegram, informing that she would come.

"May I borrow this pen?" "Sure, go ahead."

Collin hasn't yet given up hope.

Briggs was scheduled for a checkup.

I've already told Shamim he can borrow my car.

Edmond says he wants to talk to you.

In 1997, the world was surprised again when Mother Teresa died.

It's weird isn't it?

Fay knows what it's all about.

He eats a lot.

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I regret to say that this is unknown to me.


Wake up, Carsten.

What's that awful sound?

I'll go and talk to Wayne.

Are you guys going to vote for Rajarshi Jackson?

How soon am I going to die?


He told me he was going to America.

He came in while we were at table.

"I've found a way to make him really jealous." "Oh, do tell!"

I knew Angus wasn't going to be busy today.

Sleep well, Timmy.

You're just like her.

Judy was in a hurry so he left his second cup of coffee undrunk.

We had better not attend the meeting.

Weeds are nature's opposition against the rule of the gardeners.


As a teenager, Bryan was the number-one ranked player in his state.


She always wanted to do things her way.

Two nasty guys robbed me of my jewels and ran away.

I have lost my watch, so now I have to buy another one.


When do you want me back here?


That's a matter of opinion.

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All of my brothers died in the war.

He is clearly insane.

Rudolph doesn't have a steady girlfriend.

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I wasn't strong enough.


You only have two options.

You should learn from your mistakes.

This dictionary contains about 40,000 headwords.


Tait doesn't have an answer.

The education by the parents of their children is sometimes very difficult.

Through fear or pride, he made no answer.

The roof declines at a sharp angle.

Good bye, and thanks.

Nothing was to be seen but the blue sky.

Teri left his car at home today.


I would like to share a short story with you.

In order to have an idea of our current projects, we invite you to visit [url].

My mum values this writer.

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She has finished correcting the exercises.

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Charlie is persuaded he's right.


Nothing can come of nothing.


Having a few extra batteries handy is never a bad idea.


You or I?

Damon wanted to come along with us.

You did a very fine job! I take my hat off to you.


Please don't make me help Clarissa.

I know you're back there.

I am a beginner in Esperanto.


Is there anything else I need to do?

Bret went shopping at a department store.

We'll see each other on Sunday.


Dan is still missing.